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Baoding Cuisine

The food in Baoding is northern taste; the characteristics regard thick joss-stick as principle. The better hotels in Baoding contain Meishishan, Tiangong, Zhongyin etc., the environment is better, the price is also opposite high; The places where eating the chafing dish is better contain Donglaishun and Laochenggen. The special features dish is Luzhu Chicken. If wanting to eat the orthodox school chicken, you must arrive at the Islamic street, there will be more than ten booths to sell the whole steaming hot chicken and chickens Jean everyday, and among them again with brotherly chicken of the Liu is most famous. You also can buy just the mutton, the sheep hoof and sheep Jean etc. of a pot here.

The introduces of some special features snack

>>Songhuadan of Baiyangdian
Baiyangdian locates in the Jizhong Plain, is natural water area, the water is broad, the scenery is beautiful, the products are enriched. In addition to abounding in the fish, shrimp, crab, lotus, caltrop etc. marine products, local products, it is still abounds in a kind of famous and Chinese and Foreign taste food- preserved egg here. Preserved egg is called Songhuadan again, is traditional food that my province export. Because its main place is in the region of Baiyangdian, they are called Songhuadan of Baiyangdian again. Exporting outward then know together as the preserved egg of Hebei. Songhuadan of Baiyangdian is made of the fresh ducks' eggs that are produced in local place, processing by special craft. The ducks live in shallow Dian, mainly eat fresh foods such as staple food fish, shrimp, insect, clam, algae etc., not only produce many eggs, the eggs are big, and the nourishment is abundant. They provide the raw material of the high quantity for processing Songhuadan.

>>Baiyunzhang Baozi
The skin is thin and side is narrow, the farcing is big, the oil is much, picking up the in a flash to the steamed stuffed bun, become the steamed stuffed bun farcing of the meatball and can rock in the inside. The steamed stuffed bun uses to anticipate to pay attention to, the beef and mutton must be the fresh and delicate, targeting fitting and proper Huagao Meet of the back width of figure, the fixed-point buys to use small whet the scented ointment. The making method of Baiyunzhang Baozi has the special features only, putting the meat stuffing with the deluxe sauce and face the sauce hello system, use the wild pepper to anticipate the water to adjust greatly softly, then into smelly whet the scented ointment, monosodium glutamate, chopped onion, the ginger end and cut to pieces the crowded dry vegetables farcing first.

>>Islamic Luzhu Chicken of Majia Laojipu
The Islamic Luzhu Chicken of Majia Laojipu in Baoding City, the gorgeous form of color is beautiful, delicate bone of meat, soft but not lousy, the flavor is joss-stick, spread fame the far and near, very popular, is one of the local special products. It chooses to anticipate excellent, processing is fine. Choosing to anticipate must be the chicken form plentiful full, many fats of meat live the chicken fattily. Boiling the chicken in addition to the by rule comparison devotion spring onion, garlic, ginger, wild pepper, anticipating greatly, cassia, white, the small joss-stick wait, still throw in self-made five aromas. The familiar chicken a wing that processes inserts the mouth cavity, one wing nest is backward square, two claws insert, the whole shape presents the pipa form, plentiful full beauty. They discover the importance of the old chicken soup in practicing. There are numerous essences of chicken to hide inside soup, the nourishment is abundant. It is so thick subtle fragrance of flavor, keeping the traditional special taste, it is this cause.

>>Bean curd silk of Gaobeidian
It is praised for the bean curd Jin of five fragrant bean curd silks, takes the high-quality soybean, through the flood bubble syrup thin whet to wait a few creations of work preface but become, its quality is pure, pull of powerful, the color and luster is milk Huang, a silk, eat the heavy joss-stick proper, it is the meal vegetarian food. Its producing history is long, as early as in Ming and Manchu Dynasty, it had already been full the Jizhou Plain, been famous for Chinese and Foreign. Currently its production scale, the technique level, yield, the quantity all have the very big improvement and exaltations.

Making it pays attention to very, choosing the pork of use the certain part, use flowing water to wash clearly, putting into the boiling water to cook, its degree of heating wants the strength very much, the fat meat need the frailty but don'ts living, the lean meat gets lousy but not firewood, to go to the oil while boiling to make, join more than ten kinds to adjust to anticipate, the light fire braise familiar. Eating the joss-stick but don't get fed up with, pure but not thin.

>>Kuimaojiangcai in Baoding
It is a traditional small dish of long history, produced in Kuimaojiangcai sauce kitchen garden of Baoding, as early as Kangxi Period; it was known for because the flavor was fresh and beautiful. The making method is very special, choosing the fresh vegetables that quality like first, then go together with the shelled peanut, almond, kernel of walnut, ginger silk, Shhuacai etc., pickle become various assorted sauce vegetables, salty and sweet moderation of finished product, since the frailty is again delicate, it is a good product of matching meal.

>>Chunbulao in Baoding
It is called Xuelihong again, is one of three treasures of Baoding. After pickling, deposit regardless how long, since don't living jin, also not grow firewood, have no bitter and astringent flavor, the color is light green and fresh, is the vegetable that can't get much for the spring stanza of the winter. It is all proper to use Chunbulao in Baoding to do the salted vegetable, living the food and fry the vegetables, it is the popular vegetable which people of city and villagers all like.

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