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Baoding History

In 477, there was a Qingyuan Country, getting because of the Qingyuan River; it was the beginning to establish the county. In 923, they placed Qingyuan Country, in 928, it advanced to Taizhou, it was the begining to establish the state. In 960, because Qingyuan Country is Zhao Kuangyin's ancestral home, was the military key figure of North Song again, they established the soldiers in Qingyuan Country. In 979, Songtaizhong took soldiers Northern Expedition to halt here for the half of a month, called Jintaishun. In 981, Baosaijun advanced to Baozhou. In 992, the offices of state and county moved to the region of Baoding now.
In 1127, the soldiers of Jin sinked to Baozhou, they still followed the Song's system to call Baozhou, again called Jintaiyi. In 1129, Baozhou was the halting ground for soldiers of Shuntian. In 1213, Genghis Khan's rate Mongolia the soldiers south invaded, breaking Baozhou's city, Baozhou hence became ruins. In 1227, they rebuilt up Baozhou's city, in 1239, they changed Shuntianjun to Shuntianlu, Baozhou was the office. In 1275, they changed to Baodinglu, the name of Baoding started from that time on, mean idea of protecting Dadu and bring peace to country. In September of 1368, they discard Baodinglu to change to Baodingfu, the nickname was Baoyangjun. Zhu Di became the emperor in 1403, cheese site for capital Beijing, Beiping goes to all take charge of to reply to all take charge of to move to protect greatly and rather. In 1515, Ming's powerful ruler toward established Baoding office. In 1638, they established Baoding governor of province, placed Baoding director general's soldier at the same time. In 1669, the cruise fondle from Zhengding moved to halt to Baoding, Baoding started to be the provincial capital of Zhili. In 1724, they changed Zhili cruise to fondle for Zhili governor of province.
After the republic was built up, they followed the Manchu dynasty's the province system, stayed Baodingfu, withdraw Qingyuan County. The provincial capital of Zhili moved Tianjin in 1913, discarding the Buzhengshi and Anchashi each office, withdraw Baodingfu, recover Qingyuan County, established Fanyangdao, Fanyangdao changed for Baodingdao in the next year. In September of 1916, they placed Zhili soldier office, changed Chuanyuexianggan in 1918, inspected to the office in 1920. On June 6 in 1935, the government of Hebei moved to Baoding from Tianjin. Baoding established the administration inspector area in 1936. In the period of the anti- Japan War, the Japan's Imperial Army seized Baoding, halting the ground for the false military administration mastermind's organization of Hebei. After Japan surrendered, the government of Kuomintang Hebei moved to Baoding from Beiping. They moved to return to Beiping in October of 1947. In the last night before People's Republic of China established, people's government of Hebei was established in Baoding, Baoding was the provincial capital and city governed by province. In May of 1958, the provincial capital moved Tianjin. In May of 1966, the provincial capital moved back to Baoding from Tianjin. The provincial capital moved to Shijiazhuang in February of 1968. In December of 1994, the region of Baoding merged with Baoding City, which was the city governed by province.

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