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Baoding Overview

Baoding lies between E11340'-- 11620', N3810'-- 4000'. It connects with Beijing City and Zhangjiakou City in the north, connects Langfang City and Changzhou City in the east, connects with Shijiazhuang City and Hengshui City each other in south, its western region connects with Shanxi Province, the total area is 22112 square kilometers. It governs 3 areas of the new downtown, north downtown and south downtown, 4 cities of Zhuzhou, Gaobeidian, Dingzhou and Anguo, 18 counties of Qingyuan, Mancheng, Xueshui, Anxin, Gaoyang, Tangxian, Laiyuan, Yixian, Laishui, Dingxing, Rongcheng, Qiongxian, Shunping, Buping, Wangdu, Poye, Yixianand Quyang. It is constituted to a big family with 43 races, the total population is 10,770,000 people, which are about 1/6 of the population of Hebei, it is the fourth biggest city of population in the whole country. Baoding belongs to the south temperate zone second moist weather area, it is drier and much breeze in spring, it is much blazing hot and more rain of summer, the autumn weather is cool, it is cold and little snow of winter, it is clear all the year round. The average temperature margin of year is greatly. The plain is 12.7 °C, the mountain area is 7.4 °C. The average temperature in January, plain is-5 °C, mountain area is -12 °C. The average temperature in July, plain is 27 °C, mountain area is 22 °C. The extreme lowest temperature is 26.8 °C, the tallest temperature is 43.3 °C in downtown. The sunshine of year is 2447-2871 hours. The rainfall of year is 575.4 millimeters. The inshore geography is tilt to one side toward southeast by the northwest. The geography is divided into two major types of the plain and mountain area; each has about 1/2. The mountains stand west, fertile valley east flat. The mountain area presses high distance and geographies to divide the line for the medium mountain area, low mountain area and mound. Western region is the medium mountain area, the total area is 6790.5 square kilometers, which has 30.7% of the whole city's total area, the high distance of elevation is generally above 1000 meters, the highest peak is the Waishantou in Buping Country, the elevation is 2286 meters. The southeast of the medium mountain area is low mountain area and the mound areas, presenting to take the form, the total area is 4197.6 square kilometers, which has 18.98% of the total area, in addition to the Wolf Tooth Mountain is high 1105 meters, the high distance of elevation is generally between 500-1000 meters, in the mound area the elevation is generally between 100-500 meters. The area of the plain department is constituted by the alluvial that size wait not, from three directions of north, west and south, tilt to one side toward the eastern, press its forming reason to separate three parts of the ex- Hong plain, flood plain and Wadian District.
The inshore rivers mainly are the Daqing River water department of the Sea River Area. Yongding River goes through the northeast boundary. The Daqing River mainly is divided into 2 of south and north, the course of river in the mountain area that are long more than 10 kilometers contain 99. The south breaches mainly have the Zhulong River, Mengliang River, Xiaoyi River, Tang River, Qingshui River, Jinxian River, Jie River, Fu River, Cao River, Ping River, Pu River...etc. to remit in Baiyangdian. The north breaches Juma River is divided into the south and north Juma River by the Tieshuo Precipice. There are 4 flood databasof Xidayang, Wangkuai, Angezhuang and Longmen.

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