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Baoding Shopping

The shopping places in the city are more concentrated, there are many stores that are of a great variety on the Yuhua Road of the ancient lotus pond's neighborhood. If buying the handicraft products, you can go to the craft art store on the Yuhua Road; there are iron balls which are the local special product and other handicraft products. If buying the sauce and the sauce vegetables which are the special products, you can go to any provisions store, supermarkets and big stores; there are all the various category of the paper back. The products in Baiyangdian of Baoding are abundant, there is Songhuadan of Baiyangdian which has long negative great reputation, and then various handicraft products that weaves for the raw material but become with the special reed, having the local special features very much.

The special product in Baoding

>>The plaiting handicraft products of Baiyangdian
Aquatic family at the side of Baiyangdian, almost all families will weave the seat, because of the reed skin thin color white of precinct chief's, the quality is tough and resilient, the fiber is slender, handicraft article that uses this kind of reed to make into for the raw material also particularly beautiful. And weave the age longer, backlog a lot of experience, at do the work and styles to also have the special features only.

>>Liulingzhui of Xushuo
Liulingzhui is the famous wine of Hebei. Liulingzhui is made of the native produce of high-quality sorghum, barley, wheat, big 7 kinds of foods of rice, millet, glutinous rice, garden pea etc. for raw material take the sweet spring of the Guliupu River below the Taihang Mountain, adopt the traditional Laowuyan crafts to make by fermentation. Seal the cellar with Zhanghua Village's Liu Ling's last home located sweet smell mud again, ferment but become, the alcohol and women is clear and pure, the sweet of the wine quality enjoys in retrospect remaining joss-stick with, after drink leisurely long. Liulingzhui not only in the Chinese supply falls short of demand, is also more popular in the markets of Hong Kong, Southeast Asia etc.

>>Ding Porcelain
It is one of the five famous porcelains of Chinese ancient times; the producing place is in Quyang in Hebei now. From Tang to Yuan, it multiplied greatly hundreds of years. Because Quyang belonged to Dingzhou in Song, it is called Ding Porcelain. There are various colors, such as the black, purple, red and green, have another to transform for the heat kiln. The adornment engraves are beautiful, stamp-tax cultured, assist with the, heap and stick each get its interesting. The categories contain dish, bowl, bottle, stove, person etc. All salty call the saint hand, call natural.

>>Louhu in Qizhou
And it is then called monk's head. Produced in Angou of Hebei. The flavor is bitterness, salty, sex is cold. Have the pure heat counteracts poison, decreases swelling to line up, living the muscle and descend the effect of the milk, curing the hair to carry on the back, swollen poison, the milk, the milk sweat impassability etc. disease. The main root is robust, the caulis erection, don't divide, the livings the white floss; The foliation is big, there is long handle, an oval of leaf, the caulis foliation is smaller, living with each other; A form inflorescence list was born in the caulis crest, pale red purple color; Thin fruit the cone form, black brown. The root outward appearance palm tree black, the coarseness contain obvious ditch, the quality is light, breaking easily, the cross section is not tidy, a Huang of wood white, center much empty, present the brown. Smelly especially different, tiny bitterness of flavor, is thick long, tidy not broken up, the epidermis palm tree black, the quality is good. The inner part still contains the volatile oil.

>>The hot pepper of Wangdu
Planting the hot pepper in Wangdu began from the Ming Dynasty. The hot pepper of Wangdu is big with the yield, the color is red, the meat is thick, flavor joss-stick, long put the pretty good to call. The hot pepper nourishment value is very high, being rated as the hat of the vegetable. If the people can usually be a little amount edible, to increase the appetite, the guarantee healthy body, big and beneficial place. Can promote saliva secrete and the activity of the starch, and have the bactericidal function.

>>Wangsanneng Chopper in Baoding
Raw material adopts the high-quality steel material, beat, splitting the slot, adding the steel, familiar fire and beating the slice, from, beat, fire, knife, cold hit, arrive to have operation, the head, carries on the back, drags along the soft knife, fire, adjusts the knife, whets and robs the light, Anne to chase, top the oil packing etc. the work preface, all fasten the handicraft operation, very fine. The edge of knife is sharp, adding the steel abeyance, full, stick actually, the fire is even, not a heavy skin, the steel keep outstanding, hard enduring, and doesn't collapse book. Practical, generous and beautiful. Incise the sparerib, bamboo slice, triangle take and number 8 lead silks did not need hard to tackle, on chop namely open.

>>Shibaozai cotton shoes in Baoding
Stretch tight old cloth beat, glue the cloth try hard for flatten tightly, the bone dint is fair, the degree of thickness is even. Then shear film, the each side all wraps the side with the new plain white cloth. The heart is plentiful full and fair, the film folds ex- five layers mutually, empress eight layers, use the first-class hemp cordage system, the needle fine thread is thick, requesting to pull the dint big, vigorously even, the horizontal of the needle feet embark on a journey, the beautiful work is whole, the fastness bears to whet. The shoe help with the shoe sole mutually the matches to call the shoe work preface, having all over the body neat request, eating the plait even, four pillars are obvious, in front and back the needle be apart from small in medium waist, kill the strength foot, not tooth, not, the needle code is tidy. The end carries on lining up the shoe already set with the wood. Its characteristics is a solemn and ancient of style, the shoe in keeping with feet form, a breadth of shoe is narrow consistently, the four directions is fair, dress comfort, easy and convenient burliness.

>>Ancient Yan of Yishui
The shapes are divided into the fish, turtle, dragon, silkworm, cicada, piano, the chess seven major type, having 120 various diagrams totally. The ancient of its carving pattern is generous, taking the good luck happiness, the myth legend as topic more, such as the dragon auspicious clouds, spreads the flower, two dragon drama bead etc. toward, a woman toward the sun, 100 birds. The person, flower, fish insect, landscape, animals that carves is all lifelike; it is wonderful, bear pondering about.

>>Stone carving of Quyang
In Tang and Sung, the Stone carving of Quyang's art was more prosperous, the works spread national and many places, in addition to the stone carving statues of Buddha, discovering to sprout through the years of still have the song sun stone carving animal, melons and fruits etc. In a temple of the Xijiao Village of Quyang County, there is still to keep a Hanbaiyu Buddha that was in Tang Dynasty carve up to now. The statue of Buddha body is high eight meters, the facial appearance is solemn, impressive demeanor, and the dress folding line, the lines is clearly soft, extremely vivid vivid portrayal.

It also was called Hongxiantan or Hongxiutan in the past. It is sumptuous and cultured, fine valuable, is stylish decorations of the auditorium, living room. Zhuzhou City has the knitting technique for long. They color with the novel purpose, tight composition and culturally, creates our country has one space only of" the silk dish gold" and" the velour slice". Among them, have the silk patterns, such as" the dragon show lucky omen"," two dragon drama beads" of strong race special features and" which make the sea" etc., become in the silk all flowers park of strange spend the different grass. In recent years, the entertainer creates to weave an ancient elegant silk delicacy again, such as" five absolute being diagrams"," little LIN2 SI4"," and the bottom westerns"," the Charger flew to the moon" etc. In more than 20 nations and region in the five greatest continents in the world, we can see the Jinsiguatan which is produced in Zhuzhou and is cultured.

>>The scissors of Cow Card
It was made by Meng Xianbang who was an old entertainer of the scissors factory in Baoding to inherit seven generations systems to shear the technique. That scissors have blade get, not collapse not book, shear the blade to, relaxed vivid, the degree of hardness is feat and hard enduring, beauty generous.

>>Dazao of Buping
Produced in Buping, Quyang, Tangxian etc. The species of it contain 10 varieties of the Pozao, Huluzao, Damazao, Xiaomazao, Lengzao etc. Characteristics are big, the skin is thin, the pit is small, and the meat is thick. The dry Zao contains the sugar to be up to 60-70%, still implying the mineral qualities, such as protein, fat, irons and calcium etc. The big Zao is also important Chinese herbal medicine material and nourishing articles, promoting the body fluid, smooth lung, keep the blood, town quiet, keep the liver and be good for the stomach to eliminate to eat etc. function. The big Zao can living the food and familiar foods, can also process glazed date, inebriate various valuable taste foods, such as Zao, smoked Zao, Zaopu, mashed dates and the Zao fragrance extract etc.; The big Zao is also a good raw material that makes by fermentation the industry, can use the big system wine, vinegar, the big Zao beverage etc. of the high nourishment, all with sweet subtle fragrance of flavor, the nourishment enrich but famous and Chinese and Foreign. On the history it was sold westwards the area all countries with red pearl fruit, now then sold to all countries and regions of Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Macau.

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