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Travel guide of Baoding

>>Baiyangdian in Baoding
It is the biggest fresh water lake on the Hebei Plain. In the last few years, along with the development of the tourism, Baiyangdian became a tour area that has the special features. Baiyangdian locates the interior regions of three big cities of Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang; each one is apart 150 kilometers or so. Such position make Baiyangdian tour area own the better guest source outlet, and acquire the quicker development. Baiyangdian is divided into 146 Dian or Po with different by 36 villages and 120,000 acres Ludang, the biggest one is more than 20,000 acres, the minimum is 180 acres, from more than 3700 ditches, course of rivers, establish one aquatic maze that is huge. Baiyangdian gathers together nine rivers, such as Tang River, Fu River, Cao River, Juma River etc., the total area is 366 square kilometers, the normal pondage is 400,000,000 sign square meters. But the surface area of Baiyangdian changes with the water level. When the water level is in 5-5.5 meters of elevation, it dried up; When the water level rises to 10 meters, retain water more than 600,000,000 sign square meters, the most suitable water level is 7-9 meters. The tour special features of Baiyangdian, one is to take the vapor boat or the wood ships, go in the reed cluster of the horizontal interleave, bluish green wave of green water, the reed catkin is pure, the goose duck becomes the cluster, full cabin of fatty fish, one party of water country romantic feeling; Two is to taste the water fresh, Baiyangdian is abound in the fish and shrimp, the shrimp is then the big meat of body thick, fish is a big meat and delicate, which are the good dinner on the dinner party; Three is to take a look at the fisherman pull the net fishing, even can descend the fishing with fisherman together, experience personally the life of the fishing house, the oneself can also have on fish pole, paddle boat the part to angle for fish simultaneously. There are still a few of famous spot historics and monuments in Baiyangdian's neighborhood. Many ancient kings once arrived here to go to summer resort, the water hunt, staying 4 going temples and a great deal of history and legends. The departments concerned set up the Shuipo Liang Mountain Temple, Diwangxinggong, large swimming field, aquatic athletics paradise, wildlife appreciation area and beauty spots in Baiyangdian, and will open up several villages that has the folk romantic feeling, providing the visitors with the visit.

It is known for the Chinese and Foreign, locates on the Ling Mountain which is apart 1.5 kilometers from the southwest of Mancheng Country in Baoding in Hebei. Two last homes' scales are great, the whole world is rare, the structure imitates the palace of the Han Dynasty. The sprouting cultural objects are more than 10,000 pieces totally, among them the precious cultural objects are more than 4000 pieces. Jinluyuyi, Changxingongdeng, Cuojinboshanlu, Zhuquejiehuanbei of the world famous sprout here, once left for more than 30 nations and the regions in Europe, Asia and America ti take exhibition, being high and great praise by the Chinese and foreigners doubly. The end of 1990, they carried on the development to the Manchenghanmu, and in May of 1991, they formally opened outward to receive the visitors. They built the mountain climbing cableway, bottom slippery way, mountainous country grass-ski, Han Palace, Lotus Temple, Longhua Palace, Jingshi Palace, Jingwang Hunting Filed, swimming pool again successively. Now the view District of Han Last Home is dissolved the history knowledge, natural landscape, the amusement interest with the formation in a tour structure and forms of the integral whole.

It locates at the foot of Yongding Mountain in Yi Country of Hebei Province, is the imperial concubine parks of four emperors, three empresses and the emperor's mausoleums of some princes and dukes, princesses of Manchu Dynasty. The trees inside the area are exuberant, the landscape is pleasant. The memorial park buildings of the West Ling amounts to more than 50,000 square meters, having a thousand of palaces totally, more than 100 stone buildings and the stone carvings, part of them are kept intact. The Tailing of Yongzheng is the biggest in scale, occupies in the center position of the area, is a building in the west Ling at the earliest stage, the biggest scale. Other each Ling distributes in two sides of east and west. The absolute being way of the Tai Ling were made of three layers of huge bricks of spread, loose cypress of the both sides, ascend the south to distribute a various building toward the north. The first building is five bore bridges of a arch type that enters the area, the bridge north contain three high and big stone memorial arches, however stand erect. The building of the memorial arch is solemn, beauty, the color temper. These three stone shops, is all five, use green, engrave the sketches, such as mountain, water, flower, grass and animals...etc. up, the appearance is vivid, is see work that constructs to have the representative in the art as the west Ling. The Ling of Jiaqing is called the Chang Ling. The Chang Ling and the Tai Ling are juxtaposed, its scale and the more or less equal of Tai Ling. Jiaqing was the 15th son of Qianlong, Qianlong spread to him combine for him in the Tai Ling's south 1 kilometer of place of south west private, cheese the address. The Longen Palace of the Chang Ling has the special features very much, what ground spread is very valuable and yellow Huabanshi, still taking the purple wood grain on the slab of stone, smooth and dazzling, seem a precious stone. The big pillar wraps the gold jewelry cloud dragon, magnificent. The Daoguang's Ling of the craft choiceness is called the Mu Ling. The characteristics of the Mu Ling are the scale is small, have no buildings, such as square city, clear building, big stone tablet station and the stone elephant etc., but the fastness of its engineering weight, then exceed two Lings of Tai and Chang. The whole fence, whet the brick to do to put to infuse the syrup towards sew, the wall body is even to fructify together. The building craft choiceness of the Longen Palace, all of the big palace uses the gold silk wood, not the oil is colorful, keeping the log true colors, opening the palace door, the wood aroma come into nostrils since then. Each on the ceiling there is dragon in one small square space, substitute, also the upper stream dragon and dragon. These dragons all, smoke cigarette. The Chong Ling is the emperor's mausoleum of the Guangxu, at 5 kilometers of the east of Tai Ling, is an existing emperor's mausoleum of our country in the end.

>>Showbiz city of Zhuzhou
It is the biggest showbiz taking base of Asia, clapped once and successively several thousand showbiz plays of Tangminghuang, the Three Kingdoms historical novel etc. The showbiz city is divided into three parts of the outdoor scene area, the studio scene area and traditional people residing area. The outdoor scene area is good at the buildings of the Han and Tang's style, the traditional people reside the area is then with Ming and Qing's period of park and courtyard for lord. The showbiz city uses the modern building means, chases the Chinese traditional building cultural display in the audience in front, so it has the name of the eastern Hollywood again.

>>The tunnel station ruins of Ranzhuang
It locates in Qingyuan Country which is apart 30 kilometers from the southwest of Baoding City, is a extremely important war ruins in main battlefield of anti- Japan in the of period Communist Party of China leadership of war against Japan under of north China previous. After Qiqi Incident in 1937, Japan invaded the iron hoof of the soldier to step into north China, in order to keep the oneself, the people in the Ranzhuang imperial foreign humiliation of anti-, started to dig the earth the hole, gradually from a hole development into a hole, several holes and the combat tunnel.
In 1942, the Japan's Imperial Army carry on"51" clean up, adoption" the wall of iron matched to round"," the was horizontal to comb" annihilated the military tactics, hoping that the medium plain practiced three light policies of" burned down, killed the light, strong light" to the untenable defensive position. For keeping the revolution power and fighting the enemy effectively, the people in the Ranzhuang opened the exhibition tunnel station under the leadership of the party. Need according to the war, the tunnel prolongs gradually, digging finally a door mutually, the village connect with each other, acting in cooperation up and down, can enter can back, long 32 combat tunnel net. The tunnel net establishes the wall, domestic animals slot, to face, a set, face the cabinet, the water well etc. various conceive outline the skillful tunnel, build the dish, a fortress, counter, baked wheat cake stove, rock fortress, high building works, the temple works etc. to fight many places of works, dark room, conceal the gun eye etc. all with tunnel mutually, constitute a flyover thermodynamic power battlefield. There are the conductor department, retiring room, underground in the tunnel keep the food room, underground arsenal works, kitchen, toilet and bunker etc. The in bar of enemy break, taking the offensive the tunnel inside establish to turn over the plank, trap and watertight nesses to equip, the formation that make can beat can hide and can offend and can guard, enter to back from such as of underground the Great Wall. The militiamen of the Ranzhuang make use of the tunnel advantage, in war against Japan reach agreement put war, match work brigade, the field battle soldier to past battle 157 times, 2100 of enemy, once have the honor of acquiring" tunnel war the model village" title. Now the tunnel war ruins of the Ranzhuang still reserve 34 tunnels and various battle works that original and that years of small village that hopes the medium plain construct. The whole sanctuary area is 300,000 square meters; the point sanctuary is 20,000 square meters. In August of 1959, they fixed the tunnel war memorial hall of Ranzhuang, opened at home and abroad.
The tunnel war memorial hall exhibition hall of Ranzhuang covers 980 square meters of area. Hall inside collect as treasure the large quantity precious cultural object, mainly have the brass gong, bugle, ox horn number, soil gun, soil cannon, turn over the fire bullet etc. to use over of tool and together enemy the weapon that battle use plays the medicine, martyr keepsake, poems, data, photograph, the prize ensign and anti-s to pay the ex- tools and implements for day etc., assist to exhibit the form with the sound-light electricity, reappear the scene of the tunnel of that year war. The tunnel war ruins of the Ranzhuang melt the patriotism education, the revolution tradition education, national defense education and play in the integral whole of, have the special features only of ideal visiting place.

In the capital city's western region, going the deep mountain, 600 square kilometers of Yeshanpo which is the national class point scenery famous spot area in Laishui County of Baoding, it since distributes the natural view of geezer, and then leave behind the ancient history cultural objects, contain the name of utopia.
Sanhuang Mountain View District: It locates the entrance of the Baili art gallery in Jingxi, its mountain's shape is special, gather strange, show, insurance in integral whole; Sanhuang Temple of the oblation mankind's first ancestor, a your does obeisance the wish. Surround of Juma River and the mountain persimmon, became a fine landscape painting book.
Bailixia View District: It has the good reputation of the first Xia in the world, if canyon the knife pares the ax to split, the strange stone sign, full ditch of begonia, a mountain of flower and grass. If in the interval, as if entered the thick heavy colourful of 100 mile art gallery. Juma River View Area: Juma River is through more than 70, the cross-straits group of mountain peaks sign, the strange stone, the river water, pure can shine on the person. Visitors since can the midstream boating, satisfied look at the mountain light water color, may also the shot water enjoy a trip to, grasping the interesting aspect of the great universe. The pure loose soft sand dune is ideal place of the sand bath, sun bath. Spend a holiday the village, the seedling with the on all sides beauty spot however integral wholes, is leisure, amuse, go to summer resort of the best choice. Dragon Mountain View District: Have the big Dragon gate fortress of Ming Dynasty, Cai the village the Great Wall and north China the biggest gold in region, the clear and pure in the past rocky cliff engraves the cluster.
Among them "ten thousand days of close"," thousand arches of peak sign" form of written high 2.15 meters, the power of style is vigorously emollient, becoming the grand view. Fish Valley Hole Spring: It is included in the world is strange to smell because rain of the lunar calendar valley of every year sprays the fish with the spring in front and back. The forest tour area(1983 meters of elevation) of the white grass side: The here mountain is certainly outstanding, the strange stone of strange peaks stand up like a forest, the full countryside flower bloom, the wildlife becomes the cluster, the forest hides the day to cover the day to be rated as to go" green bright pearl" too. Ascend considerable sunrise in Shih-cheng appreciates a sea of clouds, exploring the red den of the ant Ling, hearing the loose that the breeze moves the stone side, appreciating thousand cuckoos, swimming ten thousand, making person linger on, forgetting to return.
The view area of Jinhua Mountain: Have the spring onion cage green, fly to flow to keep bottom of pull the waterfalls of the lake, thousand years, gingkoes of the towering high in the clouds, style the unique thou construct pure play the temple. Arrive this tour, can enjoy the traditional dress that three wild folks of possess singly, grasp the people's customs custom of the ancient, bring to you feel like separate the feeling of a life time.

>>Daci Pavilion
It locates in the downtown center. According to recording, it was built up by Zhang You who was the officer of from Mongolia. In 1736-1795, it was rebuilt behind by destroyed, the stone base was increased high 20 meters, adding the Hanbaiyu column pole, the vehemence is great. Siting the north toward south, there are 3 of palaces in front, there are the clock building and drum building in east and west sides. There is the Cheng way in the front of it; we can go on stage to go into the pavilion from here. It is high 31 meters, three layers, and mountain cloth tile crest. The first floor faces 5 rooms, enter deep 3 rooms; last two layers all face 3 rooms, entering deep 1 room. The Zao well and Lingfang inside the pavilion all draws Su's type to color. Because of the geography towering, the shape is impressive-looking, several miles outside it is thus clear that. Person's poem contained "the bead building treetop of City see, the gold pavilion bluish cloud of the park carry" its sentence. It is one of the 12 views of the Lotus Pond in Qing Dynasty.

>>Ancient Lotus Pond
It locates the prosperous road in city center of Baoding, covers 24000 square meters, among them the surface accumulates 7900 square meters, it is one of the ten greatest history famous parks in China. The ancient lotus pond was set up in 1227, in 1289 A.D. was ruined in earthquake, saved one pond of clear water only, but the lotus flowers were still the bushiness. Experienced the generation to rebuild for many times, it becomes the ancient lotus pond tour beauty spot of the tranquil and enjoyable comeliness. Among them, the Water Heart Station became the essence of the Ancient Lotus Pond. The Ancient Lotus Pond wreath water places the view, taking water as to win, getting because of the lotus, is in the strange, in really northern and ancient park bright pearl. In the period of Kangxi, Baoding became the provincial capital of Zhili, in the period of Qianlong, Jiaqing and Guangxu, the ancient lotus pond was opened up to the going temple for the emperors. For long time, the lotus pond academy is the Zhili's the cultural center and the education center, the mark gets one province atmosphere of a school, educating many lotus pond that rather have to just know is handsome and talented, the reputation sows far.

It is in the south shore of South Pond in the lotus pond park. It is one of the 12 views of the Lotus Pond in Qing Dynasty. High and extensive west to, face 5 rooms, the ex- bamboo thousand, weather flutter, take the poetry that the sun of Sung Europe fix" the bamboo color gentleman endow with, it is cold and greener". Write an article person's bachelor's degree appreciates the snow article bamboo and sings a hymn to sing and it. Every time round the snow beginning of winter decline, the park silver packs the vegetable to bind, the visitor comes to this more to appreciate snow. Qianlong has the poem cloud:" The bamboo path extension is not at many, the cold is greener and whirling. Sit the person of establishes the breeze exhibition; the gentleman should keep in mind to learn by exchanging views." The south is the red date, getting because the grove of living. Whenever autumn of gold, the full is solid clusters of, ream life.

It is in the north of the lotus pond, Alarmed Station's east side; there is Taihu Stone in front, the engraved the ancient form of writing Taipao Peak. There are the silk of gold the yellow ancient cypress in west, the ancient rattan in the east, facing the single the pond water cloth tile crest before. The faces 2 rooms inside wearing the gallery to reply the way, having the terrace to stretch into the water outside, on the north wall inside the two words of the nest big word" the dragon flying". Carry according to the ambition book, pure cure this together to is a pair of floors 12 years(1872) ago, take an of idea of" the high aroma reflects far", is pure to cure one of"12 views of lotus" together, was ruin in behind eight country allied troops, hence change to set up for. It is the stone tablet behind to engrave the long gallery, the hoop amounts to 33 meters, having the stone tablet to engrave 82 squares inside the wall, is divided into 3. The west segment contain 14 squares, from the wise powerful ruler Yangming the an is private to wish the stone tablet go to the mountain diagram song, the cursive is mostly, among them having Luo the is great, 12 of the lotus pond etc.; Medium the segment have 14 square, to go the grass mostly, is a verse much; The east segment contain 42 squares, is famous of the turns the to stick the stone tablet engrave, having Wang Xi Zhi of the Jin, Tang the true, Sung rice, the wise powerful ruler Yangming of the bosom vegetable and Tung its etc. the calligraphy master's masterpiece.

>>Liqi Station
It is called Shuizhong Station again, now is Shuixin Station. It is in central of the lotus pond water. This station and the lotus pond are center beauty spots inside park. It is one of the 12 views of the Lotus Pond in Qing Dynasty. The southwest of the station contain arched bridge, one bore of an arch, if long lie the wave, linking up the south shore, can reach the south shore hall; The northwest of the station contain nine song bridges, can an aroma with high north shore, ring; The station east contain stone stairs keep into the lake.2 layers of station, a high 12 meters remaining, heavy eight sharp crest of the Cape, the first floor rounds the gallery, the beam painting, the shape is agile. Station inside having the revolve type the small steps can last layer, lean on the window four hope, have the far and free of mind and happy of heart of high water a day.

>>Shuidong Building
It is in the due east of the lotus pond park. It is one of the 12 views of the Lotus Pond in Qing Dynasty. Building is high 2 layers, the bottom layer faces 5 rooms, the crest is a terrace, setting up 3 of hall up, single, the mountain cloth tile crest, the structure choiceness. Go up to upper floor to overlook the lotus pond, but see the various station coping inside the park all make the lotus the leaf give the peach form. The building south contain 2 of stone tablet, on writing for Tang's Su's mythic fungus of the farmland benevolent government stone tablet, the style of writing flair; While is the wise powerful ruler Yangming poem stone tablet, the power of style male strength, the generosity of spirit is extraordinary. Rebuild in 1990, it keeps the original appearance.

>>Zuojin Station
It is in the northeast of the lotus pond park. It is one of the 12 views of the Lotus Pond in Qing Dynasty. Get close to the pond water, the red pillar gives mutually, flying the tiny, the on all sides is falsely. It is rumored, once for the place that maidservant inside do laundry, take big poet Du Fu of Tang Dynasty" river's side don't full park" poetry is station. The summer of the spring visit, landscape in the view pond, cent the outside is enjoy pleasing the eye.

>>Junzi Changsheng Building
It is in the west of the lotus pond park. It is one of the 12 views of the Lotus Pond in Qing Dynasty. Face 5 rooms, enter deep 2 rooms, carry on the back the west to face east, summit of hill, had to embrace 3 of summer before, the on all sides gallery wreath embrace, the pedestal extension went into the pond, can appreciate the lotus and angle for fish with the column, past cure a Senkaku Islands of the year together. A sum contain" the gentleman grows to living the building" five word, the idea of" virtuous gentleman, grow with a life time to save". The both sides contain:" is carefree, at any time love the scene, and make pure swim to seek beautiful spot the ground; The fragrant pond of lotus is quiet, asking the song where, even teach the thinking of the past hair innermost thoughts." The south north goes together with 2 of building, small square pot of south, small of north. The building is cultured to sweep, delicate and light and free, the landscape is especially good. The color of water reflects floats the wave, dignified natural scenery painting.

>>Zaoyong Hall
At first it was called Kangle Hall. It is in the due south of the lotus pond park. Face 5 rooms, the on all sides gallery, single, in front and back a embraces, the door had a rightness of colorful lions before, facing face to face the pond contain rockery. Far near to the views, borrow the view maximum amount, face the lotus pond, the bluish green wave ripple, the reflect day, separately outside flirtatious. The hall is two floors at first, because of the phrase person's writer often sings a hymn to make to endow with whereat, Zaoyong, It is one of the 12 views of the Lotus Pond in Qing Dynasty. In 1900, it was encounter, 28 years of Guangxu, was changed to set up for the hall, extending for the existing scale in 1921.

It is in the northwest corner of the lotus pond park, in the west coast of the lotus pond. It is 3 rooms, southeast north three noodles is wide, medium is clear, the coping is straight and even, south north two a coping tilt to one side toward two sides respectively, structure dexterity. Descend is the outlet that that year leads the chicken to be apart from the spring to go into the pond, call to ring the piano brook, present several patterns of a bottom, up ring the piano bridge, the flowing water shot stone, voice if the piano. The east is an alarmed station, again hears the piano building, annoying the great breeze pure, is studying to make the ground of the painting. Ring the piano with ring the piano brook and ring the piano bridge, alarmed station to constitute one view of ringing piano, the shape is interesting and novel, conceive outline special. It is one of the 12 views of the Lotus Pond in Qing Dynasty.

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