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Baoding Transportation

External traffic

The transportation in Baoding is convenience; the Jingguang Railroad from Beijing to Guangzhou masters the whole city. The train station of Baoding locates in the city center, it is very convenient from Baoding to Beijing and Shijiazhuang, there are everyday several railroad train that go back and forth to drive, which can immediately arrive no longer than 2 hours. In addition, there are also railroad trains to Handan, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Xian, Hankou, Guiyang in Baoding.

Jingshi Superhighway from Beijing to Shijiazhuang goes through Baoding, it takes 2 hours to arrive from Beijing to Baoding, it can arrive within 2 hours to go the superhighway from Baoding to Shijiazhuang. In addition, you also arrive at Jinan, Datong, Wutaishan, Tanggu, Chengde and the near countries of Baoding from Baoding. The bus station of Baoding is in the train station's neighborhood.

Internal transportation

The public transportation of Baoding City is flourishing, they have already broken through more than 30 bus lines, the buses practice the system of no man to sell the tickets mostly, throwing the currency to take buses from the passengers. The ticket price is 1 Yuan or 2 Yuan. There are several bus circuits which can lead to the tour beauty spots directly.

Because each beauty spot of Baoding City is not far from one another, you can walk when going to travel inside Baoding City, can also take taxi to replace, the start price is 5 Yuan of 3 kilometers, each kilometer takes 1.6 Yuan.

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